Ah say Ah Say...

"If kid don't stop talkin' so much he'll get his tongue sunburned."

Sure the above quote is aplicable to yours truley. I'll take that. But let me just say I found that on this miricale site.. THIS is what the internet was designed for. It is percisely why I wake up each afternoon at 4pm, put on my patent leather 5 inch heels and throw on my flowerdy Mu-Mu everymorning and just try to make it through another day. That is right, it is The Foghorn Leghorn Wikiquote-pedia - Quote Page. Thanks internet.

On a seperate note. Wouldn't Will Farrell make a great Foghorn Leghorn... Yes he would. I am sayin picture him saying "Mutts - ah say - mutts is nuts!" But they would end up giving the role to John Goodman and it would SUCK.

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