The ole'Family Jalopy..is Beautiful!

**D i have added about 10 more pics for ya...thats the trunk handel below
growing into a tree trunk...lets let it stay where it be! Lets talk about the LTD

We do however need a chain-saw to get it out of its present parking spot...got one handy?

Ours is a 40 buick I think this may be a 37-39 vintage but its similar

Located on the Island of Ocaracoke NC (sp?)


pinetown said...

I think this may be a case of a car which appears to be in better shape than it really is, but maybe this winter we will ease it out of the 'woods' and take a look at the posibilities-no promises, just maybes. Thanks for the pictures. They afford me the best view of the buick I have in a long time. d

Suburban Junkyard said...

Hey, thanks for the comments on my blog-I checked some of your stuff out and yes, we are a bit alike in tastes and interests. I love your old Econoline trailer pic! I'd like to post that with your permission on my blog, of course I'll link to yours. I've been busy riding my new Hog but I'll be posting more soon with work on my Benz and some new finds.

Suburban Junkyard