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I often read site or pages about licving in vehicles as alternatives to traditional House or apartment living and I ran accross this quote:

For my part, I recall quitting a job in 1985 because I was only making $7.50 an hour. At the time, I was splitting a $525 monthly rent with two other guys for a three-bedroom apartment in Aspen Hill, Md. As anyone who browses today’s “roommate wanted” ads knows, one of those bedrooms now rents for the cost of the entire unit 20 years ago. And yet many of us are still expected to live off that same inflation-unadjusted wage. - Washington City Paper

I look at this two ways. Improve yourself as best you can to surpass the Min.wage! Also you could live in a swanky van with a miniature wife!

Van and pics from BadgerTrek

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